What We Do…

No matter what your age or ability we are here at NOmadICE we are able to tailor your time on snow to meet if not exceed your goals.  We are here to create memorable days on snow and to share our passion for this snowboard lifestyle.
From the vast amount of time spent with guests and trainees we are able to create an environment where you can excel on your board.  The years of teaching brings confidence and understanding of what works, we build on movements rather than progressions that allows you to master your snowboard goals sooner rather than later.  Breaking down these often complex movements so you can progress faster and easier without fear or mental blocks.  Your experience will not be generic and I assure you that we will keep it fun, engaging and progressive.  Things might even get a little radical.
From your first day on snow through to your endless winter we are able to offer individual or group sessions that not only meet your expectations but leave you stoked for your time on snow.  These sessions are paced at your learning speed and ability, they are not structured or generic but tailored to your needs so you get the most out of your time.  Learning to snowboard has never been so easy and painless and progressing past learning plateaus is effortless.  Come book a session and see how easy it is to pick up however we cannot apologise for how addictive snowboarding can be.
Having been involved with training instructors for over ten years there is a depth of knowledge that allows trainees from all backgrounds to get to grips with instructing.  Over the seasons we have led programmes and written curriculums for snowsports schools on how to train.  This experience with leading training sessions for those heading towards their certification in various associations has developed clinicing abilities that keeps instructors engaged in all aspects of learning.  We have had experience training instructors towards SBINZ, AASI, APSI, BASI and CASI levels 1 through to 4. Get in contact with regards to what programmes we are currently involved with or the options for individual training sessions.  Programmes can be tailored towards a specific focus such as rider development, freestyle, rider analysis or teaching methodology.
Coaching is offered on individual requirements or as part of a school/team programme.  Specific training schedules can be developed towards competitive goals, season goals and ongoing development.  Performance SBX, Freeride and Freestyle coaching is available to make realistic progression on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis.  Coaching can be conducted in both Europe and Australia/New Zealand.  Please get in touch to discuss your coaching needs and performance goals.
If you have any questions or want to book a shred session then please send me an email:
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