About NOmadICE


NO mad ICE is a platform for snowboard coaching, instruction and training operated by Riche Webb.  It is not a snowboard school but a means to promote programmes and lessons that I teach and coach in the North and Southern Hemispheres.

Whats with the name?

NO mad ICE, No M’d Ice or Nomadic-e…  This lifestyle/profession is purely nomadic.  Those that keep in the game for years move perpetually throughout the year to find the best snow and resorts to further aid the progression of snowboarding.  The idea of a Nomadic Snowboard Platform is where it started and with a bit of word play and fast talking the idea of No M’d Ice came about.  I don’t hate ice but i’d rather it was frozen in the shape of a Super Pipe otherwise i’d favour corduroy, powder or slush to ride.

In this section you will find further information regarding Richie and his experience, equipment and resorts.  Please feel free to ask questions directly if you are planning a trip or are looking for some coaching in the near future.