Daily Shred

Spring Pipe Dreams


End of seasons are always the time I like to ride pipe. Even though comps take place in the icy stunt ditches for us mere mortals a slight bit of sunshine to soften the hard pack makes them so much more inviting.  They are becoming a rare sight these days with not every resort hosting a full super pipe.  Long are the days of halfpipes of the the non-super variety that were playful and less intimidating.  Superpipes though are not bad places to ride just with some simple coaching sessions they can become your new favourite play zone.  Here are some great videos from some of the masters.

Ståle SandbechTerje Haakonsen and Torgeir Bergrem provide an education in Oslo Winterpark halfpipe.

Chloe Kim doing what only she can do.

Christian Haller and DBK bring us a creative view to the ride and how we draw a line through a pipe.

Back when Shaun White and Kevin Pearce we both at the top and this night shoot of them pushing each other was pretty memorable.

Things started to get weird in Aspen as the double pipe took centre stage.  I guess this marked a big direction shift in comps and transition design.  All good things come to those that wait.

One of my favourites is Christian Haller tearing it up solo.

Jeff and Terje back in the day, style is timeless.


Flights direct to the POWDAIR



Starting next season getting to the alps has just got easier.  PowdAir is starting a service that flies direct to Sion, right to the heart of the Valais/Wallis.  Transfer times are reduce drastically and will allow those powder hounds to get on the slopes in less times.  They promise to cut check-in times due to using the smaller airports in the UK and Sion.  Here is Saas Fee we should see transfer times being around 1 hour compared to 3+ Geneva.  Tickets will go on sale this coming month with the service starting next December, 6 days a week.


Now Thats Service – Nitro Sets The Bar High


Big thanks to Keni at Nitro here in Switzerland.  Fastest turn around on a board in all my years, two days!  Great to take the new Team Exposure 2018 out for a spin today.  She’s a lively beast and kept me on my toes however that might be due to fresh wax and sharp edges.  Super playful yet still poppy, always good to have new stick.

Winters Still On..


After last week where the weather couldn’t decide what it was doing.. We have emerged with perfect bluebird conditions today.  So happy for my two guests today as walking out mid mountain to see the fresh snow just makes teaching guests so perfect.  Being spring time also the mountain here in Saas Fee was not busy super chilled with heaps of people riding with powder grins.

The boys at Korua Shapes capture powder surfing just right and their series Yearning For Turning are perfect videos encapsulating the soul of riding these days.  Here’s their first edit reminds me of where they started.

Local Knowledge

For Fredi Kalbermatten the resort of Saas Fee is home.  Its a mountain area that is intimidating at first and takes some time to even get to know a little bit.  This video of Fredi is a perfect example of what happens when you are born and raised in such a great place.  For him the whole mountain is a park he mixes the freestyle right amongst the glacial forms here that dominate the landscape.  So good to see how playful he is within this landscape. Cheers Fredi.

Its Happening Again..

So Saas Fee has found a way to keep season passes low cost.  Their Crowd Funding model worked well this past season with anyone skiing 4 or more days saving money by purchasing one of these season passes.  Great value and means that people are choosing to come and ride more than once a season here in Saas Fee.  For those looking long term they can take advantage of the 3 year pass at 622 CHF also.  Either way this is a great deal however the deadline this year is 22nd April 2017 so get involved here:



Oh Boy..

If Shreddies are meant to be the best cereal to keep hunger locked up till lunch.  Well Yawgoons edits are certainly the best videos to keep you inspired for days if not weeks.  I watched Yawgoons 19 latest serving whilst eating my porridge this morning and I set to go.  Spring conditions today here in Saas Fee and I am heading out the door on my old Ride Machete as its super playful and jib friendly.  I may take a few slams today but its gonna be a fun one no doubt..