Here is a list of what I am riding currently.  I am happy to give advice on any equipment decisions you maybe making.  However be aware much that I enjoy riding a certain board or boot, each person has their own take on what works.  Its the joy of snowboarding that we all have our own personality and this is expressed in how we slide down a hill.

My dimensions:

Age: 37
Weight: 95kg
Height 191cm
Years riding: 21



Nitro Team Exposure 2018, 162cm – 25.4cm wide



Union Yawgoons Contact Bindings – Medium.  Current angles – 18/-12
(these vary from board and conditions my front can vary from 15 to 24 and my back from +3 to -15.  Different boards and riding style make me mix it up).


Salomon F3 – UK 10


I have a quiver of boards that I have knocking around each resort and I go through phases of riding them.  In the past I have barely found a board that I liked 100% and on the whole I struggle to find a board that I can ride the whole mountain to level I would like.  Hence why ill have a few boards just to mix it up.  Other boards I have been riding are: Nitro Team, K2 Subculture, Ride Machete and Artec Gabe Taylor.

Over the years boards that have left a lasting impression are: Capita Black Snowboard of Death, Gnu Riders Choice, Lib Tech Jamie Lynn and the Capita Quiver Killer.

Bindings well unlike boards once I rode Union I have not been happy with anything else.  I have lost count of how many pairs I have owned since the company first arrived on the scene.  I love how the baseplate is solid, bomb proof.  It barely flexes and transfers all the energy to the board delivering great performance whether you are holding a Euro Carve or sliding a rail.  The choice within their range main with the high backs allows the rider to find the stiffness they desire.  The Force binding is my main go to with a high back that for my weight and height is not overly stiff.  I cannot rave about them enough they just do what bindings should do, fact!

Boots well that is where I would invest your money.  We all are blessed with different size feet not just in length but width.  Also how long a lower leg counts a lot as your calf muscle really benefits from a boot that provides a locked in support whilst not cutting off circulation.  I have a narrow foot and small for my height UK 10 – 28.5 Mondo.  I tend to ride boots by Salomon and I have been pretty happy with the F3 boot these past few seasons.  However moving forward they are no longer making this boot so I am going to be riding a DC Lynx this coming Southern Hemi season.  I will get back to you on how it performs.