Richie Webb

Portillo, Chile – 2014

Snowboard Coach, Instructor and Trainer 

Born in the UK, Richie made the move to the mountains back in 1998.  He has been lucky to ride all over globe, making turns in all kinds of snow throughout Europe, North/South America, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.  With over 30 seasons experience within the snowsports industry Richie has learnt from the very best instructors around the world and now in turn delivers tailored instruction and training programmes in both North and Southern Hemispheres.

Richie is currently based in Saas Fee, Switzerland (Dec – April) and Perisher, Australia (June – Sept).

Optimum Snowsports – For bookings here in Saas Fee please visit the Optimum website.

Perisher Snowsports – Please visit the Perisher website for upcoming booking details.

He has trained through the New Zealand Snowboard System – SBINZ. He has held his ISIA since 2005 and as a trainer since 2007.  Although primarily trained within the SBINZ system Richies’ travels have meant that he has trained in the CASI and AASI systems and is currently accredited through SSBS here in Switzerland.

His experience as a coach, instructor and trainer has seen him deliver lessons and programmes wherever he has been based.  Coaching teenagers for their national championships in SBX and Freestyle.  Training up and coming instructors for their Level 1,2,3 and trainer certifications.  However within each season he has provided group and private lessons to all ages and abilities.  It is his passion still after many seasons to still teach a first time lesson that keeps him shredding each day.

When not teaching snowboarding or getting fresh tracks Richie spends his time working as a contemporary artist and illustrator.  If you are interested in my work please check out my websites below:

Dickie Webb
Same Old Caviar

Working in both the art and snowboard worlds Richie has picked up a few different names, with those that know me call me by anything they see fit but I will mainly answer to Richie, Dickie or Same Old..


Hakuba, Japan – 2014